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Shelly Habegger
Mar 11, 2021
Scholarship Awards meeting
John Cominsky
Mar 18, 2021
Current NFL player and Barberton Graduate
Melanie Collins Sr. Volunteer Recruitment Special
Apr 01, 2021
Volumteers and the Red Cross in Barberton
Club Happenings

Make Way for the 4-Way Speech Contest!

Next week the Barberton Rotary Club will experience a FIRST! The high school students participating in the 4 Way Speech contest, utilizing the precepts of Rotary's 4 Way Test, will be presenting to our Club VIRTUALLY!
As with past year's, it is a chance to observe the next generation's understanding of what Rotary's 4 Way Test means to them. The winners of these local Club presentation will go on to the District event and could culminate into national recognition. Please be there to offer your support to our students.

Thursday's Weekly Meeting Is Forecast To Excite!

It is well known that most of our Club meetings have had Speakers/Presenter with great and inspiring topics. This week is going to be another great one!
Justice Pat DeWine from the Ohio Supreme Court will be our guest speaker, so have your ears and questions ready. Also, I believe we will also be playing host to several members from other Rotary Clubs around Ohio. They are very welcome, as I know we are usually welcome to their ZOOM meetings.
Let's give Justice DeWine a warm welcome. I personally hope that Bruce May will do the Honors of an introduction on behalf of the Barberton Rotary Club. 

Programs for the next 2 Months

With the leadership of our own Dustin Zuravel, we are nearly two months Booked for exciting meetings. to keep abreast of the speakers and happenings at our meetings, log in at least once a week (early) to see the latest news on all events, particularly programs.

It's Time to Start Thinking about District Grants!

Preparing for partially funded grants that impact the entire community is always exciting for Rotary Clubs at anytime time, but in unique years like we have just had (and are continuing to have) is part of what we do. 
Only a few short weeks ago we were uncertain if we would have anything to ask for. With the inspiration of a couple of members we have come upon a good one. PICKLE BALL has become almost a cult favorite in this area. And, the Barberton YMCA has recently acquired some adjacent property to their downtown location where folks have be playing it weather permitting. The Barberton Rotary Club has begun to look into helping with funding the setup of one, or maybe two regulation courts, and perhaps, looking down the road so to speak, establishing tournaments. 
To that end, we have two members signed up to complete the District conferences enabling the Club to participate in the "matching funds" we believe will become available form the District. Since the Executive of the "Y" is a Club member as well as several members sitting on the YMCA Board of Directors, we are anticipating to receive some idea of what the total cost would be to establish such courts. We are also aware that the cost may far exceed our Club's ability to fund the entire project, but the YMCA also may have additional funding sponsors. Sounds like Fun, so get your Gym Cloths ready! If you have never heard of Pickle Ball, just GOOGLE it or look for it on YouTube.

New Year; New Challenges and Opportunities for Barberton Rotary

As the Barberton Rotary Club President for the 2020-21 Administrative year, projects, fund-raisers and opportunities are already beginning to come alive. Todd Sobel, our President Elect, is connecting with the District on training to be ready to lead the Club in the coming administrative year of 2021-22. His excitement as a newer member and youthful drive should mean that the Club grows and prospers in innovative ways.
We are already planning for attendance at the Grant Seminars for both the District and International Challenge Grants. We are not certain what we will want or need to fund this round, but we are planning to have our hat-in-the-ring for whatever monies will be available and utilize them to benefit the Greater Barberton area.
While as a Club, I may not have the honor and pleasure of leading a face-to-face meeting, we will still do our best to be of important value to the Community of Barberton and the surrounding area.

A Tribute to Akron Rotary's Chili Open & Rhobert "The Rhino's" Chili Recipe

Without a doubt, one of the highest profile Rotary Events of the year in this area is Akron Rotary's Chili Open Golf Tournament. The funds raised through these efforts are ear-marked to support the Children's Camp on Rex Lake. The facilities at the camp are used for Rotary functions of all types including some from the District level. Many of Barberton Rotary's member are and have been involved in this remarkable fundraiser, and will continued to to support the event this year at this weekend's 2021 tee off.
There Chili may be famous or infamous on its own, however you can make your own chili at home while channeling the golfers on the Fairways and ?Greens?!
Here is the Best Chili Recipe! I have created it through Trial & /Error over 50 years of Chili Cookery:  Rhobert's Rhino Chili ...
          5-6 LBS Ground Turkey (or Rhino meat if you can catch one locally)
          4  Cups chopped onions
          1   Cup  Chopped celery
          2   Tbs  minced garlic
          4   tsp  Kosher salt
          1-1/2  tsp fresh ground black pepper
          1/4 cup ground Hungarian Sweet Pepper (Paprika)
          1/4 cup ground Hungarian Hot Pepper  (Paprika)
          3  Shacks Red pepper flakes
          Ground Red Pepper (cayenne) to taste (2 tsp is pretty hot)
          3/4 cup  Chili Powder  (fresh is by far the best)
          2  Tbs  ground cumin
          2  tsp ground cinnamon
          1  Tbs ground rosemary
          1-1/2  Tbs  ground basil
          6 small bay leaves
          2  28-oz cans Diced tomatoes
          2  28-oz cans Tomato Puree
          1  28-oz can Tomato Sauce
          1  6-oz can Tomato Past
          1 to 2  15-oz cans Red Kidney beans
Brown the turkey and transfer the browned turkey to a large stock pot.
Add onions, celery, garlic and stir well.
Add all the spices and stir well.
Add all the Tomatoes and tomato paste and stir well.
Bring to a simmer over medium heat.
Taste Test - may need up to 1/4 cup of sugar or maple syrup to reduce acidity.
Continue simmering, stirring occasionally until vegetables are cooked.
Add kidney beans last of warm.
SERVE... better yet, wait until tomorrow!
Yields 6+ quarts...Freezes very well!

The Barberton Rotary Board votes to increase RI Foundation contribution level

Last year the levels of aggregate funding per capita was $35. It was determined in conferences as early as 2020, that the level of giving necessary to establish a club's viability to receive matching funds for Grants, would require clubs to show a $40/member contribution to the RI Foundation. For the Barberton Club that means increasing the quarterly amount billed to $10 from $8.75. This will make us eligible for Challenge Grant money this year. All felt this could be a small price to pay to receive in return, many fold return of value.

Barberton Rotary is already preparing for the 4-Way Speech Contest!

Our tireless and dedicated member, Shelly Habegger, is already on top of establishing the groundwork required to deliver a a very interesting group of students from the surrounding school systems including Barberton, Norton, and (I believe...Coventry). She has already gathered the necessary information, and initiated the required processes for delivering the Program though the Club and sending our winner on to the District competition. Shelly, on behalf of the entire Barberton Club, we can not Thank You enough! BTW, Shelly will keep us informed of the dates and we will set up the ZOOM meeting accordingly.

Start Warming Up your Golf Clubs!!!

Barberton Rotary Club has no desire or intention of detracting from the beloved Chili Open run by Akron Rotary; in fact a few of our members gladly participate! However, since our Annual Golf Outing was Scrubbed last year, we are looking ahead to have this fellowship building-Fund Raiser for sure in 2021. After more than a little discussion we determined to look at moving the event normally held on the first Friday of June (National Donut Day) to a date in the range of August 1st. to October 1st. take advantage of the best possible weather forecasts. While no one can predict the environment that far out, we certainly don't want to take that exciting element of possibilities away from the Chili Open. I have already spoken with Denny Liddle and he has graciously offered to take the lad and contact the other members who are experts at putting this event on (in the past at least) and secure, if possible, proper dates and locations suitable for our event.
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