Don and Ruth Kaser of the Rotary Club of Barberton had the privilege of attending a special meeting of the Rotary Club of Braga.  The meeting began with introductions. We were lucky that there were 2 English speakers. We were also proud that Don was able to present a short presentation/speech about our Club in Portuguese. We went around the table and shared our names and occupations , we understood some of the information but were grateful to our translators.
Their Club President shared some of their Club projects and we shared ours. Their Club just celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2021. What makes their anniversary special is that there was a period of time the Club had to meet in secret for fear of punishment.
Their Club President and historian presented us with several lovely gifts including: their Club flag, and a copy of a letter from the last American to visit their Club, RI President Richard Hedke in 1946.
We relaxed after the meeting at the Cafe across the street with a glass of port.