The meeting was called to order by club president, Tom Craig. Upcoming club events include:
  • The new officer induction dinner at the Galaxy Restaurant on June 30;
  • 4 Cities Compact Recognition and the Gavin Westover Memorial Scholarship recognition-May 13 at Summa Hospital;
  • The Safety Provider Appreciation and Academic Scholarship recognition;
The list of last years 4 somes for our golf outing was sent out, as well as the sign up form. Both have been added to our club website. Door prizes of at least $25 will be needed for the golfers. Laura Thomas announced she has received checks for 2 spots so far for Barbertonopoly.
Guests were recognized and included our speaker, Mayor Bill Judge. Mayor Judge talked about economic development in Barberton, and some upcoming projects. He also asked Barberton residents and business owners complete the economic development survey.