It's Time to Start Thinking about District Grants!

Preparing for partially funded grants that impact the entire community is always exciting for Rotary Clubs at anytime time, but in unique years like we have just had (and are continuing to have) is part of what we do. 
Only a few short weeks ago we were uncertain if we would have anything to ask for. With the inspiration of a couple of members we have come upon a good one. PICKLE BALL has become almost a cult favorite in this area. And, the Barberton YMCA has recently acquired some adjacent property to their downtown location where folks have be playing it weather permitting. The Barberton Rotary Club has begun to look into helping with funding the setup of one, or maybe two regulation courts, and perhaps, looking down the road so to speak, establishing tournaments. 
To that end, we have two members signed up to complete the District conferences enabling the Club to participate in the "matching funds" we believe will become available form the District. Since the Executive of the "Y" is a Club member as well as several members sitting on the YMCA Board of Directors, we are anticipating to receive some idea of what the total cost would be to establish such courts. We are also aware that the cost may far exceed our Club's ability to fund the entire project, but the YMCA also may have additional funding sponsors. Sounds like Fun, so get your Gym Cloths ready! If you have never heard of Pickle Ball, just GOOGLE it or look for it on YouTube.