Thursday's Weekly Meeting Is Forecast To Excite!

It is well known that most of our Club meetings have had Speakers/Presenter with great and inspiring topics. This week is going to be another great one!
Justice Pat DeWine from the Ohio Supreme Court will be our guest speaker, so have your ears and questions ready. Also, I believe we will also be playing host to several members from other Rotary Clubs around Ohio. They are very welcome, as I know we are usually welcome to their ZOOM meetings.
Let's give Justice DeWine a warm welcome. I personally hope that Bruce May will do the Honors of an introduction on behalf of the Barberton Rotary Club. 

Programs for the next 2 Months

With the leadership of our own Dustin Zuravel, we are nearly two months Booked for exciting meetings. to keep abreast of the speakers and happenings at our meetings, log in at least once a week (early) to see the latest news on all events, particularly programs.