Posted by Ruth Kaser on Oct 24, 2019
Ruth Kaser won the coin toss to run today's meeting. Today is World Polio Day. The club is making a donation of $25 to the RI Polio Fund. The meeting was called to order and Critch's answer to the World Polio Day question was the closest to the correct answer. The question: It what year was the US considered to be polio free? Answer 1979.
Guests were recognized and included our speaker, Judge David Fish and from the Boy Scouts Christopher Weinland and Cub Scout Pack 3113 leader Kali. Cub Scout Pack 3113 meets at the Lake Anna Y on Sundays and is pack our club sponsors.
The 50/50 pot is up over $400 and the queen was not selected so, it will be higher next week. Critch passed around the Salvation Army Bell Ringing sign up sheet. We will be ringing the bell at the Barberton Giant Eagle located on 5th St on Friday, December 6. Opportunities to ring the bell remain: one slot from 2-3pm, and 2 slots are open from 3-4 pm. 
Judge Todd McKenney introduced our speaker, Judge David Fish. Both shared a day in the life of a judge, their trials and tribulations from ordering restitution for victims to safe and effective places for someone who needs to be away from the general public.