The Barberton Rotary Club traveled to Summa Barberton Hospital for their weekly meeting. The agenda was the Annual Recognition Program honoring students from Barberton and Norton Schools in the Four Cities Compact Program. The program started with a short Rotary meeting lead by Club President, Tom Craig. Tom introduced those in attendance to the Rotary tradition of "Happy Dollars" -a dollar will buy one an opportunity to share with others in attendance why they are happy today. Many dollars were collected to recognize the achievements of the students, their parents, teachers and guidance counselors. 
Director of the Four Cities Compact, Steven Farnsworth recognized the school superintendents, principals, and guidance counselors in attendance. He went on to recognize students in the following programs: Machine Technology, Athletic Health Care, Business Management, Marketing Education, Career Based Intervention, Criminal Science Technology, Masonry Building Trades, Cisco/A+, F.I.R.S.T. Program, Family & Consumer Sciences, Advancement to Nursing, Cosmetology, S.E.T. Program. 
Rev Vic Myers presented the Gavin Westover Memorial Scholarship. The Gavin Westover Memorial Scholarship is a $1000 scholarship presented to an outstanding Barberton or Norton Career & Technical Education student.  The club will return to their regular meeting day and location next week- Thursday, May 19th at Thano's at 7:15. The program will be the Academic Scholarship recognition.