In the next few weeks there will be some very interesting Club Programs!!!

This week on Thursday, April 22 we will play host to Donna Skada representing Summit County Public Health; What a timely program! While I am certain that COVID and vaccines will be a prime topic, there are several other public heath issues in our County. Make it a point to be on hand to listen, learn, and get your questions answered.
The Thursday meeting for April 29 will be our scheduled cleanup of McCafferty Park. "Many hands make for light Work", the saying goes, and for the last two it has been light and full of fellowship and a couple of laughs... finding a real $5 bill, a surprise or two in the woods by the ball field, and our featured musician Don Kaser attempting to play the xylophone with a wooden stick!
Then in three weeks we will host Diane Johnson from the Humane Society. Unfortunately because we will still be on ZOOM, there won't be Fur Buddys to fawn over. But, I would bet there may be some wet noses to see which for many of us is almost as good. Maybe your pet would like to see this program too.