Start Warming Up your Golf Clubs!!!

Barberton Rotary Club has no desire or intention of detracting from the beloved Chili Open run by Akron Rotary; in fact a few of our members gladly participate! However, since our Annual Golf Outing was Scrubbed last year, we are looking ahead to have this fellowship building-Fund Raiser for sure in 2021. After more than a little discussion we determined to look at moving the event normally held on the first Friday of June (National Donut Day) to a date in the range of August 1st. to October 1st. take advantage of the best possible weather forecasts. While no one can predict the environment that far out, we certainly don't want to take that exciting element of possibilities away from the Chili Open. I have already spoken with Denny Liddle and he has graciously offered to take the lad and contact the other members who are experts at putting this event on (in the past at least) and secure, if possible, proper dates and locations suitable for our event.