Plenty of Happenings Last Week!

For those member who could not attend the meetings of last week, let me offer up a recap because there were some important events!
1. There we very positive updates on the Club's plans for the Golf Outing scheduled for Friday, August 6th. We were also updated on the plan to once again feature the Mum Fest with our ever-popular food wagon referred to as "Tons of Taters". Also, members are beginning to plan for the Fall event fund raiser, the Revers Raffle, probably in late October. With all of these events, it is certainly hoped that operations will have returned to some form of normalcy. 
2. During the Board Meeting as well as the Club Meeting members were asked to search there brains for ideas for new fund raising projects. Dustin Zuravel informed those present about an ongoing fund raiser being used be the Wadsworth Club. They are raising money by offering the service of placing American Flags in the front lawns of folks in the community. They are doing this on National Holidays and we believe on request for special circumstances as required. Dustin has offered to have someone from Wadsworth speak to our club in the near future regarding the potential of the Barberton Club providing such a service for a fee.
3. Todd, Dustin and Bob completed the paperwork necessary to secure the Club's ability to request a district grant request for next year. Everyone was tasked with tabling ideas were to use this grant for the biggest impact in the Greater Barberton area with a project that will benefit the most people.