New Year; New Challenges and Opportunities for Barberton Rotary

As the Barberton Rotary Club President for the 2020-21 Administrative year, projects, fund-raisers and opportunities are already beginning to come alive. Todd Sobel, our President Elect, is connecting with the District on training to be ready to lead the Club in the coming administrative year of 2021-22. His excitement as a newer member and youthful drive should mean that the Club grows and prospers in innovative ways.
We are already planning for attendance at the Grant Seminars for both the District and International Challenge Grants. We are not certain what we will want or need to fund this round, but we are planning to have our hat-in-the-ring for whatever monies will be available and utilize them to benefit the Greater Barberton area.
While as a Club, I may not have the honor and pleasure of leading a face-to-face meeting, we will still do our best to be of important value to the Community of Barberton and the surrounding area.