Posted by Robert Rees on Jan 02, 2021

2021 is Finally here; Will it be everything we Wished for?

The Christmas and Holiday Seasons are over, for the most part. The Elections are decided (for the most part), and its time to begin breaking many of our New Year's Resolutions before we really get them started.
While our Rotary Year runs until June 30th, as humans (for the most part) we measure our lives on the Calendar Year. So, here we are, just a few days into the Unknown Future of what is 2021. There's much hope! The COVID virus(s) seem to have been conquered, but it looks like it will not be until the 3rd quarter of the year before our lives start trending toward normalcy.
The future is still bright for the Rotary Club of Barberton! In our efforts to make great positive impacts in the community, we have structured our activities and particularly our finances so that we may continue this positive contributions. Just as we did last year, we have committed the Club to continue funding long-term projects and continuing physical activities such as McCafferty Park Clean Up, etc. as in the past. We also are beginning the search for new funding projects and enhancing older projects with new ideas. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to Be Prepared for the Worst but Expect the Best!
Even though the money came in last week, the Club received a donation from the Del Duca Family Foundation in the name of Barb Kirbawy.  During its meeting NEXT Tuesday the Board of Trustees will make a determination where to best utilize these funds. We certainly will give primacy to finding the best way to assist the Barberton Public Library; Ann's input will be very beneficial. In addition we will continue to project new dates for events such as the Golf Outing, Tons of Taters, Reverse Raffle, and perhaps a new project or two. But, let's all remember that this year is going to be a tremendous set of challenges for us all.
To those Challenges, we need to double our efforts to secure new members, develop a higher profile on-line presence, and invite interesting, educational, and entertaining program speakers to our Zoom meetings as well as future in- person meetings and events. WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY AND TOOLS TO CREATE OUR OWN FUTURE...LET'S GO!
Our FIRST Program of 2021 will begin those processes! 
Cheryl Warren, Akron Rotary member and District Guru for all things ClubRunner related and most things Web site related will be here via ZOOM to discuss the use of CR to have our club run better as well as keep the members better in touch with the Club and other members. I would say that your presence at this first meeting of the year might be critical to making this a better Club Year for all. She will gladly answer questions regarding why your profile on CR is important, why the Barberton Rotary Club needs its own web site outside of CR, and how YOU can become more computer literate with very little stress and strain. Please, Please plan to attend, same time and same login information listed. (If you don't think keeping your Profile updated on CR, please look at the Dates on the left!) {Smiley Face from me}
And so, 2021 Begins....